Talks on Innovative Practices

Talks on Innovative Practices

The two talks on innovative practices offer fresh perspectives on performing arts documentation and its showcasing.

“Digital Technology and Its Application” explores creative uses of digital technology and new media in the documentation of cultural legacy, introducing these cultural legacies to a wider audience through innovative formats.

As documented materials become part of the ever-growing big data, how can we make strategic uses of the information? How can we change the general perception of documentation and transform documented materials into public knowledge that people can share and interact in? These are various questions that will be addressed in “Documentation and Management”.

Free admission. The online event will be conducted in Cantonese, English or Putonghua with trilingual simultaneous interpretation.

Talks on Innovative Practices (1): Digital Technology and Its Application

Date: 2020.12.5 (Sat)
Time: 15:30–16:45
Host: MOK Kin Wai Patrick [Assistant Professor of Department of Social Science at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong]

Cultural Heritage and Digital Transformation
Speaker: Jeffrey SHAW [Director of the Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media of the City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong]

Virtual Reality and Live Art Documentation
Speaker: Henrik VESTERGAARD [Director of Live Art Denmark, Copenhagen]

Talks on Innovative Practices (2): Documentation and Management

Date: 2020.12.5 (Sat)
Time: 17:45–19:00
Host: AU Yi Man [Executive Director of the Hong Kong Drama/Theatre and Education Forum, Hong Kong]

The Use of Big Data and Marketing Strategy
Speaker: WU Ming Yiu Dennis [Associate Marketing Director of the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Hong Kong]

From Knowledge Management to Promotion: Why Documentation Matters
Speaker: Chris BLOIS-BROOKE [Founder and Director of Dialogue – The Community Performance Network, London]